Sacramento essentially has no traffic enforcement currently, which has led to significant increase in: running stop signs (not talking about illegal failure to come to a complete stop, but running at full speed or slowing only slightly) failure by drivers to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk (actually in the crosswalk, not just waiting to […]

Here are my comments on the draft Vision Zero Action Plan for Sacramento. Most of these were posted on the boards at the 2018-01-31 meeting, and in email to the city. Sacramento essentially has no traffic enforcement currently. More about this tomorrow. I was concerned by the prominence of the bicyclist fatalities increasing 150% without […]

You might have thought you had other plans for the evening, but… The City of Sacramento is holding the last of four public meetings on Vision Zero and Bicycle Master Plan implementation tonight, January 31, 5:00 to 7:00PM at city hall. You can see the new Bicycle Master Plan and draft implementation plan at You […]

A post two days ago on Transportationist, “Follow the Red Brick Road,” reminds me of a topic that has been much on my mind – how do we effectively slow motor vehicle traffic? Speed limits are ineffective, stop signs are a complete waste, physical structures such as speed humps, speed tables, and chicanes work but […]

Courtesy of Families for Safe Streets, Transportation Alternatives and the Vision Zero movement in New York City, there is a new effort and pledge to stop using the incorrect word “accident” for crashes involving vehicles, at Crash Not Accident. Though this is an effort that has been going on locally and nationally for some while […]

This is one of the nerdier posts I’ve written in a while, and much of it probably won’t make sense to anyone who has not been involved in SHSP. Why is it important? Because all of the safety funds in California, some of the transportation budget, and much agency effort go to the priorities identified […]

WALKSacramento and other partners are hosting a Vision Zero Kick-Off Meeting on Wednesday, January 14 in south Sacramento, part of the ongoing Building Healthy Communities project. This is the first event in Sacramento, and I encourage you to participate, even if you don’t reside or work in south Sacramento. A city, county and region can be […]