20120315-215530.jpgDan Allison is a Safe Routes to School Coordinator and a transportation advocate. I’m a League Cycling Instructor (#2301) and teach a variety of bicycling skills courses. I’m a walker, bicyclist, train and transit user. Though I do not own a car, I occasionally use one. I also occasionally fly, but less and less.

This blog does not reflect the views of my employer nor the organizations of which I am a member. I am not an engineer, planner, or law enforcement person, but I have extensive training in those areas. What I am is a person who constantly observes, documents, and reflects on our transportation system and how it works, and does not.

I live in mid-town Sacramento, and work in Carmichael and Citrus Heights.

Since I can’t possible see everything, I welcome your eyes. Let me know about issues and changes. If you have something thoughtful to say, please let me know and perhaps we can add it to this blog.

This is a moderated blog. I will not post anything from the cars-first crowd, the people who hate walkers, bicyclists, and/or public transit. Those people have plenty of places to have their ideas heard, and it isn’t here. However, I will approve comments from thoughtful people about how the transportation modes relate to each other.

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  1. Hello there,

    I enjoy this blog, and I am glad to find a kindred spirit in the realm of bike and pedestrian lifestyle in Sacramento. To that end, I want to let you know about a bike/walk audit happening on Saturday, 6/28 in the neighborhood of Tahoe Park. This audit is being spearheaded by Adelita Espinoza a Tahoe Park native and leader of the Tahoe Park Preservation Association. I realize this is short notice, but if you would like to attend you would be most welcome. Please follow the link below for more detail:



    David Potts.

    P.S. I wasn’t sure how to contact you, so I chose to reply to this thread. I didn’t see an email for you.


  2. I also enjoy your blog. I have walked and cycled in Sacramento for many years (now retired) and am enthusiastic about recent pro-pedestrian/cyclist moves in this city, even if they face the usual opposition. Thanks for helping me keep up with developments.
    M Riley


  3. Hello Dan,

    Very nice blog and content. This is kind of loosely related to your blog, but I am with ENC Valet Parking. We are running a charitable promotion this year. This year we are providing valet services for any non-profit fundraiser in the Sacramento area at nearly no cost. I am just trying to get the word out there to anyone that works for a non-profit or is putting together a fundraiser to contact me at eric@encvalet.com They may also visit the website at http://www.encvalet.com . I’m sure there are wonderful people that visit your blog that would find this beneficial.

    Thanks for your time Dan,


    • If you are talking about parking cars, you’ve come to the wrong place. This blog believes in getting places on transit, bike and walking. If you are serious about really wanting to provide valet, you need to provide valet bike parking. If you need some expertise in that area, Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates has it.


  4. Another comment and a question. The city is doing a good job in developing the area N or Richards Blvd. (Township 9) and the new apartments/condos (?) in Alkali Flats. The Township area is not bike friendly. I’ve ridden out 7th St. a couple of times and it is really bike-unfriendly, especially the underpass where there is no room for a bike and car together, since the train tracks are right there. The good part (and bad, from the development point of view) is that both times I’ve ridden along there, there were no other cars at all. Once I got all the way to the new buildings without seeing another car in motion. Are there any plans to make a bike path leading from town to the trail along the levee?
    Mark Riley


  5. Dan, Do you know when 21 st Street became one way? In the early 1960’s it was 2 way. Thanx, Ron


    • This resource emphasizes driving, which of course is contrary to the main point of this blog, however, it does contain a good collection of information for people who do drive, and does address other modes to some degree.


      • Thanks for getting back to me, Dan. I’m glad to hear that you appreciated some aspects of our guide beyond the driving aspect. Would you be willing to add a link to it on your blog? I think it’s a great resource for the local community. Thank you


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