Several people have asked me what happens with a JUMP bike if the battery runs out before you get to your destination. Now I know. It isn’t too bad. I have been picking up low battery bikes and returning them to hubs where they are more easily picked up by the field crew for charging, […]

I had lost track of the bike share parking requirements, but found the City of Sacramento has a good bike share page now that answers most questions you might have, at People have asked whether you have to lock the bike to a bike rack, and the answer from the page is yes, you do. […]

The JUMP website has a map view (, scroll down) that aggregates bikes out-of-hub into a numbered icon, as below at left. The app (at least the iOS app) does not aggregate bikes, as below at right. That makes it harder to tell how many bikes are nearby to a location. These are the same […]

Counts The count of JUMP bikes showing on the app on the morning of June 9, 6:00AM, is 55 in Sacramento, 8 in West Sacramento, and 20 in Davis, for a total of 93. On the evening of Monday, June 4, the counts were: Sacramento 69, West Sacramento 21, and Davis 16, for a total […]

I ran into a JUMP rebalancer at 16th & Q today. Neither of us had much time to talk, but I did gather some tidbits. The warehouse is in West Sacramento. The Tower Bridge Preview (white SoBi) bikes are going into storage, for now. Didn’t ask about the ultimate disposition. He was picking up the […]

JUMP just implemented in San Francisco a credit for returning low battery bikes to ‘drop zones’. At the moment, the only drop zone in San Francisco is the Bluxome Street warehouse which I wrote about In SF. So far, there are no drop zones in Sacramento at all, though if the San Francisco pattern holds, the […]

I posted Friday evening about the lack of bikes. Things have changed a great deal in a short period. As of Monday evening, on the east side of the river, there are 19 bikes at hubs, and 50 bikes out of hubs. Friday, the numbers were zero and 14. And there are 42 bikes in […]