JUMP charging station at Sac City College

I thought I was through with JUMP posts for at least the day, but then I got together with Claire who clued me into the new charging hub that has been installed at Sac City College. The station is on the outside of the fence at the light rail station (which may be SacRT property rather than college property, I’m not sure). This charging hub has ten docks. So far as I know, this is the first charging hub in Sacramento, though someone else we were talking to thought maybe there were charging hubs in Davis. If you know, please comment.

I have not used this hub, so I don’t know if bringing a low battery $ icon bike to the hub earns more than the standard 50 cent credit. Let me know!

I will try to get around to the other drop zone hubs in Sacramento this week to see if any of the others are now charging hubs. Comment is you have visited any of the hubs in the region and know.

Please see my previous post on charging hubs in San Francisco for details about what they look like and how they work.


One thought on “JUMP charging station at Sac City College

  1. I ran into a JUMP field staff this evening and asked about charging hubs. She said that City College was the only one so far. She said that there would be more in about a month, that JUMP was waiting on having all the bikes compatible. Apparently some bikes here don’t have the three hole charging ports; I rarely look at this part of the bike, so didn’t realize that they were not all the latest generation with ports. She wasn’t sure what locations would have them first, but a charging hub does require a power drop, so that will be challenging in some locations, no doubt.


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