JUMP charging hubs

Someone asked me recently about the locations of JUMP bike charging hubs in Sacramento. There are 18 on the map below, and one new on on 19th Street just north of Q Street, at the Q19 Apartments development. I captured this map from the JUMP bikes website, which took a little doing.

JUMP bike charging hubs in Sacramento

I recently took photos of all the hubs I could find, and they are part of the Sac bike-share album at https://www.flickr.com/photos/allisondan/albums/72157713653167982. I was able to locate only one of the three hubs shown for Sacramento City College. It may be: 1) I just couldn’t find the other two (they are much harder to see at this time since they don’t have any bright red bikes in them), or 2) they are not charging hubs but regular bike racks, or 3) they are located where construction is going on and are inaccessible or removed. All the rest of them have at least one photo in the album.

So far as I know, there are no charging hubs in Davis, nor in West Sacramento (which shown on the map as part of Sacramento).

When you actually rent a bike, the app shows the location of these hubs, but with no bikes to rent (the system is currently shut down, in case you had not heard), I can’t see what the live map shows. But other than the one new one, I think this map is accurate. Let me know if you know otherwise.

new JUMP charging hub 8th & P

JUMP has added a new charging station at 8th St and P St, called ‘Capital Athletic Club Charging’. The charging hub is under the overhang to the right (south) of the entrance, NOT the traditional wave racks at the entrance. There are nine charging docks, three groups of three, at this location. This is the second charging hub in Sacramento, joining the one at Sac City College, near the light rail station entrance. This location was not a drop zone, so it represents an additional hub in a part of downtown that did not have a drop zone.

By the way, JUMP bikes had disappeared from the Transit app for about a week, but they are back. Apparently JUMP changed some things about how the data feed works, and it broke other apps that rely upon the JUMP feed.

JUMP charging station at Sac City College

I thought I was through with JUMP posts for at least the day, but then I got together with Claire who clued me into the new charging hub that has been installed at Sac City College. The station is on the outside of the fence at the light rail station (which may be SacRT property rather than college property, I’m not sure). This charging hub has ten docks. So far as I know, this is the first charging hub in Sacramento, though someone else we were talking to thought maybe there were charging hubs in Davis. If you know, please comment.

I have not used this hub, so I don’t know if bringing a low battery $ icon bike to the hub earns more than the standard 50 cent credit. Let me know!

I will try to get around to the other drop zone hubs in Sacramento this week to see if any of the others are now charging hubs. Comment is you have visited any of the hubs in the region and know.

Please see my previous post on charging hubs in San Francisco for details about what they look like and how they work.