JUMP Bikes representative Alex Hagelin made a presentation at the September 19 meeting of the Sacramento Active Transportation Commission (SacATC). Below are my notes from the presentation, and you can view it online at http://sacramento.granicus.com/MediaPlayer.php?clip_id=4254.

JUMP Bike Share Update at SacATC 2018-09-26, agenda item 5

Alex Hagelin, Sacramento General Manger

  • Launched in May
  • 900 bikes by October
  • Metrics
    • 80% month to month growth
    • 350,000 miles
    • > 300,00 Lbs CO2 saved
    • 13,000,000 calories burned
    • Parking complaints about 0.3% of trips
    • (no stats on trips per bike)
  • Parking
    • > 600 bike racks within city, 300 racks pending review for placement
    • Gathered community input on locations 11,000 votes
  • Charging
    • 10 plus with SacRT light rail stations, additional locations at private businesses (due to electrical drop requirements)
  • Bike parking behavior change
    • 2-3 times more use of JUMP as compared to GoBike in San Francisco
    • Considering photo requirement that users would have to take a photo of their parking job
    • Education, carrots, sticks, response time
  • Community
    • Drafting equity plan, available soon
    • Boost membership, $5 per year for low income; Pay Near Me to allow cash addition to account
    • Participating in local events
  • Looking forward
    • Community outreach
    • Responsible and responsive vendor
    • Growth: new bikes, expanded service area
  • Questions/answers
    • Bike clubs complaining about rider skills
    • JUMP seeing people on bikes who are not regular riders
    • City talking to JUMP about what education will look like
    • Raised issues about where bikes are located, neighborhood equity
    • Asked about service area, north to American River, and south a ways, will need new hubs in these areas
    • Charging stations SacState, city college, SacRT, private property


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