Central City Mobility: 5th St & Hwy 50

For other posts on the City of Sacramento Central City Mobility Projects, see category: Central City Mobility Project.

I had earlier expressed concern and lack of information about where the 5th Street one-way to two-way conversion will be handled where 5th Street passes under Hwy 50. (Yes, I know, that this is technically not Hwy 50, but everyone thinks it is, so…)

The following diagram was provided the the city and design firm (pdf). The configuration looks workable, and it probably not any less safe than the current mess. The merging of the two on-ramps into one narrower entrance will probably help to slow traffic entering the freeway, making 5th Street a bit safer. Same with the narrowing of the off-ramp. The curb line will need to be moved in a few locations to accommodate the entire street width with bike lanes, but the curbs here are already quite deteriorated, so that work would be needed in any case. It is not clear from the diagram whether the missing sidewalks in the block between Broadway and X Street will be corrected.

One thought on “Central City Mobility: 5th St & Hwy 50

  1. Thanks for digging this up. I didn’t expect the city to be able to reprofile the ramps, it does look like the westbound approaches are squeezed a bit which should slow traffic entering the freeway.

    It will be interesting to see how car traffic adjusts to this change. The traffic turning north off the ramp to 5th St can get quite backed up, but usually only when there are events downtown. Most of the rest of the time the intersections are pretty underutilized, but there will be more signal phases and I worry that the intersection will become “busy” on average and deter bike traffic (especially southbound, with the island bike lane, since the right lane will be heading to the freeway ramps–I assume there will be significant “new” car volume on this route).

    We shall see.


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