bus to the airport? out of the question

An article today in The Sacramento Bee:

Is it better to park or ride-share to Sacramento International Airport? Here’s the breakdown

This is a typical car-brained response to solve an issue. While it is true that a car trip to the airport has a fraction of the carbon impact that your flight has, nevertheless, it is possible to get to the airport without touching a car, your own or ride-hail.

SacRT has Route 142, once an hour, and Yolobus has Route 42A/42B, once an hour or better. Though the schedules are not fully integrated (yet), this results in about 30 minute service frequency to and from the airport. SacRT’s buses are electric, and take about 20 minutes for a trip from downtown to the airport, without stops, while Yolobus’s are fossil fuel, and take about 20 minutes for the trip, downtown Sacramento to the airport. The clockwise/counterclockwise loop buses also serve Davis and Woodland.

You can plan your trip with Google Maps or the Transit app (highly recommended).

How much does it cost? SacRT $2.50 per ride (and 90 minute transfer) or $1.25 discount, or free for K-12 students. Yolobus $2.25 or $1 discount. Compare that to parking at the airport, $2/30 minutes, with a maximum of $10/day up to $30/day. Ride-hail? $30 to $168, depending on time of day and surge pricing, according to the Bee article. Want to throw your money away for perceiving convenience? Go ahead.

So, get out of your car, or anyone’s car, and on to the bus. And leave your car-brain behind.

2 thoughts on “bus to the airport? out of the question

  1. One criticism I have of the RT service is that they don’t always run their electric buses on the route. I frequently see the 142 bus pass by on J or L and it’s just one of their regular CNG buses. Disappointing but given their limited EV inventory understandable I guess.


  2. One issue I have had (when looking into bus-to-airport options, not Sacramento-specific) is that busses are rarely set-up to accommodate luggage, and may not allow it.


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