1-way streets in downtown/midtown

1-way streets in downtown/midtown

At right is the second map of downtown/midtown Sacramento, showing the 1-way streets. This map was created using Google maps and memory, and has not yet been field checked.

These streets total about 32.6 miles.

The map graphic links to the map data in Google Maps, from which you can zoom in on areas and turn on or off satellite view. The reason that this is not a map view graphic is that the online browser version of Google Maps starts paging after about 18 entries, so it is not possible to view all of the segments at the same time. This image is instead from Google Earth, via KML export and import.

The map provides background for an upcoming post about transforming transportation and livability in downtown/midtown.

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  2. […] 1-way streets in downtown/midtown Sacramento […]

  3. Update: The City of Sacramento Central City Two-Way Conversion Study DEIS has the equivalent map on page 73 (ExistingOne-WayStreets).

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