Sac County just doesn’t get it

The photo below shows Garfield Ave southbound approaching Marconi Ave, in the Carmichael community of Sacramento County. This roadway was repaved within the last year, and this is the bicycle facility that was painted by the county. The bike lane veers to the right and then ends, running into the dedicated right hand turn lane, and another bike lane continues to the left of the right hand turn lane. These pavement marking clearly give priority to motor vehicles making a right hand turn, and ask bicyclists to yield to those vehicles, as second-class users of the roadways.


And this is what it could look like.

The diagram is the standard MUTCD/CA-MUTCD figure showing how a bike lane should be handled with a dedicated right turn lane. Though this diagram is considered by many advocates to be outmoded, it at least shows the bike lane as continuing through the merge zone and does not give precedence to either bicyclists or motor vehicles. It is much better than what Sac County painted.


Even better is the NACTO Design Guide for Urban Bikeways, shown in the diagram at left, with a MUTCD-like similar diagram to the right. Many enlightened places are now using NACTO designs, and they are permitted to do so both by the Federal Highway Administration (FWHA) and Caltrans.

NACTO combined bike lane right turn lane
NACTO combined bike lane right turn lane
MUTCD type combined bike right turn
MUTCD type combined bike right turn

But instead of looking to the MUTCD or NACTO, the county painted something that makes clear their disdain for  bicyclists.

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