Freeport Blvd to council today

The Freeport Blvd Transportation Plan is on the Sacramento City Council Agenda today. I failed to notice this, and submitted my comment late, so will have to attend in person or on Zoom. The item is on the consent calendar, so it is particularly important that people comment on the item so that the city recognizes there is significant opposition. You might also contact your council member to request that they remove the item (#6) from the consent calendar.

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Sacramento River Parkway next step November 13

existing pathway on Sacramento River levee

At the November 13 Sacramento City Council meeting, the next step for the Sacramento River Parkway will be on the agenda. This is just a small step. primarily to allocate funds to start property research, but it is an important next step. It may be controversial, with a small number of property owners in the Pocket and Little Pocket area opposed to public access to the publicly owned levees. The City Council meeting starts at 6:00PM, in the City Council Chambers of the City Hall at 915 I St. It is difficult to guess how much time will be taken with preceding agenda items, but item 19 might come up about 7:30PM.

19. American and Sacramento River Parkway Plans 2012 Implementation Program  Report # 2012-00851 Estimated Time:  45 Minutes
Location: Districts, 3, 4, and 7
Recommendation: Pass a Resolution: 1) approving the American and Sacramento River Parkway Plans 2012 Implementation Program; 2) establishing a new Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for the River Parkway Plans Implementation (L19016500) project; 3) transferring $100,000 from the Regional Park/Parkway Acquisition/ Development (L19003500) project to L19016500; 4) authorizing the City Manager, or City Manager’s designee to negotiate with public agencies and private parties for public access trail easements; and 5) authorizing the City Manager, or City Manager’s designee, to coordinate with local, state, and federal agencies regarding associated flood protection permit and easement compliance and removal of unpermitted encroachments. Contact: J.P. Tindell, Park Planning & Development Manager, (916) 808-1955, Parks and Recreation Department Item 19-American and Sacramento River Parkway Plans 2012 Implementation Program  (PDF-1689 KB)


Freeport Blvd bike lane project

Freeport Blvd bike lanes project

Tomorrow night (Nov. 8) at 6 PM the Sacramento City Council meets to vote to adopt a plan for the Freeport Blvd. Bike Lane project.

City staff propose replacing 4 substandard-width traffic lanes on Freeport Blvd. between 4th Ave and Sutterville Rd with 5 lanes: 2 standard-width traffic lanes and a center turn lane for motor vehicles and bike lanes in both directions (Segment Design Concept 2 on the website below). Staff also proposes bike-friendly modifications to the intersection at Freeport and 4th Ave, in front of Taylor’s Market (Intersection Design Concept 2).

The segment improvements are exactly what bicyclists need for safety, and while the intersection improvement isn’t the best one (see #4), it’s affordable and workable.This is a good plan and it looks likely a council majority is prepared to approve it.We need **100** bicyclists to attend this meeting to show the council that our community supports these kinds of essential safety improvements. If you ride on Freeport or care about the safety of someone who does, please join us and please share this invitation with others!

Questions? Contact SABA at or 916-444-6600.