HOV (high occupancy vehicle) lanes have been in the news over the last few years, and will be so more and more often. They are the preferred option by Caltrans and other transportation agencies (which often have to fund these largely on their own dime) for increasing highway capacity. Notice that I said increasing capacity […]

Work begins on midtown Sacramento’s tallest residential tower (SacBee 2017-06-30) Sacramento is no L.A. That’s why Volkswagen is bringing electric car program here (SacBee 2017-06-29) New lofts proposed for midtown Sacramento with ‘live-work’ units on the ground floor (SacBee 2017-06-28) ‘It was pretty miserable.’ RT races to fix trains after A/C failed in triple-digit heat (SacBee 2017-06-27) Back-Seat […]

Pay attention. If you don’t around RT trains, you may pay with your life (SacBee 2017-06-16) Three cyclists were hit by rocks on the American River Parkway. One has a collapsed lung. (SacBee 2017-06-16) Property owner wants ‘help’ from city to fix downtown’s most blighted block (SacBee 2017-06-16) The day of digging for quarters on the bus is […]

California Bicycle Coalition (calbike) has announced the 2017 California Bicycle Summit, October 3-6 in Sacramento. Preliminary schedule and content is available, as well as registration and application to present. I encourage you to check it out. I’ve registered. 

Sac State breaks ground on new parking structure (SacBee 2017-06-09); just what every university needs, more spaces for cars and less money for students Sacramento transit officials have been watching you. Now they want to talk (SacBee 2017-06-09) If you don’t like California’s gas tax increase, you’re not alone (SacBee 2017-06-09); Shocker! People are opposed to […]

Do major downtown businesses want to spend $50 million for a trolley? (SacBee 2017-06-03) Work about to start on biggest midtown apartment building in years (SacBee 2017-06-03) Sacramento City Council approves 3,000-home Greenbriar development near airport (SacBee 2017-05-31); This is where Sacramento plans to put nearly 3,000 new homes (SacBee 2017-05-29) Bike Share Program Expanding From 50 […]

Strong Towns had a post yesterday “Why greenspace is different from a park” that got me thinking about parks and green spaces in Sacramento. As a commenter said, it is the quality and use of the land, and the relationship to space around it, that is most important, not the park or greenspace binary.  Two […]