Washington School meeting tonight

Washington Elementary School
Washington Elementary School

The meeting on the closure of Washington Elementary School in midtown Sacramento is this evening (Wednesday, February 13) from 6:00 to 9:00PM, at the school. Though all of the eleven schools proposed to be closed are important, I’m highlighting this one because it is my neighborhood school – I live in midtown. If this school closes, there will be no schools left in midtown.

The Sacramento Press had an article yesterday (Use your voice – input needed on Washington Elementary School closure, 2013-02-12).

I posted earlier on school closures.

The district’s website has information on closures. While I believe the district’s approach of basing closure solely on “economic criteria” – meaning excess capacity – is seriously flawed, nevertheless, here is the capacity report on Washington. If the portable classrooms (X, Y, Z) with a capacity of 132 were removed, the overall capacity would then be 574 rather than 706. The school would then be 39% of capacity rather than the district’s number of 31%. Still very low. I suspect that a similar analysis of the other schools to be closed would show a similar bias against schools where the district added portables and is now counting these against the school, no matter what condition or life expectancy they have.

Marshall School, closed and abandoned
Marshall School, closed and abandoned

The Sacramento Bee has also had a number of articles: Video: Kindergartener asks board not to close his schoolWhy sacrifice high-performing neighborhood schools?Large crowd lobbies against planned Sacramento City school closuresTrue to their schoolSCUSD’s Community Meeting at Mark Hopkins Elementary SchoolSacramento school closings will hurt neighborhoodsJonathan Raymond pads pay of his chief of staff, closes schoolsSacramento schools will hold meetings on closuresEducation blog tracks school closures, moreEditorial: Time to match city schools with enrollmentParents question Sacramento City district school closure plans at emotional meetingSacramento school closures meetingJoseph Bonnheim Elementary serves English learnersConsider community fabric with school closuresSacramento City Unified considers closing 11 elementary schoolsReport Card: Sac City Unified identifies schools considered for closure11 elementary schools could be shuttered in Sacramento City Unified districtUnder-enrolled Sacramento district may close multiple city schoolsSchool closures, enrollment losses are top concerns in Sacramento City Unified Area 3 race

3 thoughts on “Washington School meeting tonight

  1. I attended SacBAC this evening rather than the Washington school meeting, not an easy choice to make. Ryan Sharpe (@rgsharpe) asked if anyone raised the question of whether the district considered future student population projects for the midtown area, as there are a lot of families with young children, and plans for children, now moving into the area. Does anyone else have an answer? #NoWashingtonClosure


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