News summary February 10

Another View: Cordova Hills a good match for region’s goals (SacBee 2013-02-10)

Council’s fee cuts aim to fuel development (SacBee 2013-02-09); while there may be more to the story that I don’t know, I suspect this is another case of developer profits winning out over livability and sustainability, deferring city expenses onto future taxpayers

Sacramento crime rise ends era of annual declines (SacBee 2013-02-06; this in not specifically a transportation related article, but when I looked at the map associated with the article, I was struck by how the crime increase areas largely track transportation corridors (80, 50, 99). These are also, in part, light rail corridors. What does it mean? I don’t know, but it is intriguing.)

Two North Sacramento roadside memorials mark back-to-back deaths (SacBee 2013-02-06); Sacramento coroner IDs woman killed by SUV while attending vigil (SacBee 2013-02-05); UPDATE: Woman attending vigil dies after struck by vehicle (SacBee 2013-02-04)

Brothers struck by hit-and-run identified by Sacramento coroner (SacBee 2013-02-04)

Cordova Hills (an ongoing source of news items):

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