Pay attention. If you don’t around RT trains, you may pay with your life (SacBee 2017-06-16) Three cyclists were hit by rocks on the American River Parkway. One has a collapsed lung. (SacBee 2017-06-16) Property owner wants ‘help’ from city to fix downtown’s most blighted block (SacBee 2017-06-16) The day of digging for quarters on the bus is […]

Sac State breaks ground on new parking structure (SacBee 2017-06-09); just what every university needs, more spaces for cars and less money for students Sacramento transit officials have been watching you. Now they want to talk (SacBee 2017-06-09) If you don’t like California’s gas tax increase, you’re not alone (SacBee 2017-06-09); Shocker! People are opposed to […]

Do major downtown businesses want to spend $50 million for a trolley? (SacBee 2017-06-03) Work about to start on biggest midtown apartment building in years (SacBee 2017-06-03) Sacramento City Council approves 3,000-home Greenbriar development near airport (SacBee 2017-05-31); This is where Sacramento plans to put nearly 3,000 new homes (SacBee 2017-05-29) Bike Share Program Expanding From 50 […]

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Restaurants and lofts have enlivened this corridor. A state parking garage may come next. (SacBee 2017-05-12); I thought the headline was facetious, but it is not; I can think of no better way to kill off an enlivened area than more parking garages and more state buildings California’s self-driving cars are rolling – and sometimes crashing […]

Homeless pit bull attack leaves cyclist ‘bleeding like a stuck pig’ on popular parkway (SacBee 2017-05-06) Sacramento’s growing faster than it has in years, but not too fast, economist (SacBee 2017-05-06) Sacramento public housing residents just got free Zipcars (SacBee 2017-05-06) Racial profiling is real, and this is the only way to stop it (SacBee […]