I wasn’t going to post this week, as I’m off for the wilds of southern Utah, but then I realized that the transportation bill items would likely be ancient history by the time I get back. So… Transportation Bill Gas-tax increase to pay for road repair clears California Legislature (SacBee 2017-04-07) Lawmakers undecided on gas-tax […]

Note: the news summary will not be published next week. Transportation Bill Transportation plan to rebuild California roads is long overdue (SacBee 2017-04-02) Transportation Funding Bill Poisoned by Truck Amendment (StreetsblogCal 2017-03-30) Jerry Brown says road fix ‘is not eating cotton candy. This is real spinach.’ (SacBee 2017-03-31) Is Jerry Brown finally committed to fixing California’s lousy roads? (SacBee […]

California vs. Trump: California regulators move forward on climate change rules (SacBee 2017-03-25) Transportation deal taking shape between Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders (SacBee 2017-03-24) Back-Seat Driver: Pedestrians want California cities to give them a head start crossing the street (SacBee 2017-03-20) Uber’s president joins the #DeleteUber movement, quitting after six months on the job (SacBee 2017-03-20)

Proposed Trump budget slices needed federal funding for Sacramento streetcars, light rail (SacBee 2017-03-16) Sting snares 13 who misuse disabled parking placards near state Capitol (SacBee 2017-03-16) A parking meter by an empty lot? West Sacramento parking fee premature, some argue. (SacBee 2017-03-14) Sacramento RT partnership with advertising firm makes rolling billboards of area’s light-rail cars (SacBee 2017-03-13) CHP […]

Could Sacramento’s downtown get by with less parking? Some say yes (SacBee 2017-03-10) Light-rail service to Historic Folsom resumes after long disruption due to truck damage (SacBee 2017-03-08); Light-rail service to Historic Folsom to resume Wednesday (SacBee 2017-03-07) Can smarter bus routes help save Regional Transit? (SacBee 2017-03-07) Back-Seat Driver: California transit chiefs wonder: Will Trump ding them in his […]

Bike trail mostly reopens after water recedes along American River (SacBee 2017-03-02) Sacramento transit agency wants to shake up its bus routes (SacBee 2017-02-28) 30-day walking challenge: Readers share how they’ve kept walking (SacBee 2017-02-27) Taxes are on the table as push for California road funding intensifies (SacBee 2017-02-27) Back-Seat Driver: This winter has bashed the heck out of […]

Walk This Way (SacTown Magazine 2017-Feb/Mar) Here’s how to see Northern California while keeping your carbon footprint minimal (SacBee 2017-02-24) Repairs to damaged light-rail equipment in Folsom nearly complete (SacBee 2017-02-23) Restored Sacramento train depot offers glimpse of past and future (SacBee 2017-02-23) Tahoe officials tackle congestion, say wider roads not part of the solution (SacBee 2017-02-22)

The news this week has been full of Oroville Dam and road closures due to flooding and mudslides. Despite all our spending on infrastructure, nature is still in charge. Democrats should find room in the car for Republicans (SacBee 2017-02-16) Rough weather puts rails at risk in Northern California (SacBee 2017-02-15) Think you didn’t deserve that parking […]

Governor Brown pitches Sacramento’s streetcar to Trump (SacBee 2017-02-09)

Region’s traditional malls surviving, some better than others (SacBee 2017-01-29); malls depend on greenfield development, with new, high income homes; without that they eventually fail Large Sacramento downtown property owners to vote on streetcar tax (SacBee 2017-01-25) Regional Transit caught off guard by crowds at women’s march (SacBee 2017-01-23) Why did Sacramento commuter train suddenly jolt? Amtrak isn’t […]