Homeless pit bull attack leaves cyclist ‘bleeding like a stuck pig’ on popular parkway (SacBee 2017-05-06) Sacramento’s growing faster than it has in years, but not too fast, economist (SacBee 2017-05-06) Sacramento public housing residents just got free Zipcars (SacBee 2017-05-06) Racial profiling is real, and this is the only way to stop it (SacBee […]

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Police beat black man crossing the street (it is amazing what Sacramento gains national notoriety for) Black man beaten by officer filing suit alleging abuse by police, jail deputies (SacBee 2017-04-23) More video released of police beating in Del Paso Heights (SacBee 2017-04-21) Sacramento man punched by police officer hires lawyer, prepares lawsuit (SacBee 2017-04-20) California Walks & […]

I wasn’t going to post this week, as I’m off for the wilds of southern Utah, but then I realized that the transportation bill items would likely be ancient history by the time I get back. So… Transportation Bill Gas-tax increase to pay for road repair clears California Legislature (SacBee 2017-04-07) Lawmakers undecided on gas-tax […]

Note: the news summary will not be published next week. Transportation Bill Transportation plan to rebuild California roads is long overdue (SacBee 2017-04-02) Transportation Funding Bill Poisoned by Truck Amendment (StreetsblogCal 2017-03-30) Jerry Brown says road fix ‘is not eating cotton candy. This is real spinach.’ (SacBee 2017-03-31) Is Jerry Brown finally committed to fixing California’s lousy roads? (SacBee […]

California vs. Trump: California regulators move forward on climate change rules (SacBee 2017-03-25) Transportation deal taking shape between Jerry Brown, Democratic leaders (SacBee 2017-03-24) Back-Seat Driver: Pedestrians want California cities to give them a head start crossing the street (SacBee 2017-03-20) Uber’s president joins the #DeleteUber movement, quitting after six months on the job (SacBee 2017-03-20)

Proposed Trump budget slices needed federal funding for Sacramento streetcars, light rail (SacBee 2017-03-16) Sting snares 13 who misuse disabled parking placards near state Capitol (SacBee 2017-03-16) A parking meter by an empty lot? West Sacramento parking fee premature, some argue. (SacBee 2017-03-14) Sacramento RT partnership with advertising firm makes rolling billboards of area’s light-rail cars (SacBee 2017-03-13) CHP […]