News summary February 17

Back-seat Driver: 2 Sacramento streets to go on a diet (SacBee 2013-02-15)

Sacramento city school-closure vote set for next week (Sacramento News & Review 2013-02-14); What they don’t tell you (Sacramento News & Review 2013-02-14)

Construction finally begins on R Street mixed-use project catering to artists (SacBee 2013-02-14; increased livability through redevelopment and reuse is a transportation issue); Historical R Street warehouse to become artist lofts (Sacramento Press 2013-02-14)

New Davis complex brings more affordable housing for city (SacBee 2013-02-14; again, livability)

Sacramento City district may swap 2 elementary schools on closure list (SacBee 2013-02-14)

‘Our families walk their students to school’ (Sacramento Press 2013-02-13)

In Washington School meeting tonight, I referenced many previous articles about Sacramento City Unified School District’s school closure plans.

Back with a twist – ‘McKinley Village’ development being retooled (Sacramento Press 2013-02-08)

Dan Walters: Fresno joins the ranks of troubled California cities (SacBee 2013-02-11: Walters uses the term “high fixed costs”; what this translates too is primarily the deferred expenses of sprawl; see the quote from Fresno planning at the top of one of my Cordova Hills posts; Stockton and San Bernardino have the same cause, and perhaps others of the bankrupt and financially distressed cities)

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