News summary 2012-05-21

The Streetsblog family of blogs (NYC, LA, SF, and Capitol Hill) has Daily News posts, and for the NYC, The Weekly Carnage. I find these useful for picking up interesting information I’d otherwise miss. Though I probably only average one click per list, it is still useful. Maybe this would be useful for Sacramento. Please let me know if it is useful, and please pass along articles that you think I might miss. The only news sources that I regularly follow are the Sacramento Bee and The Sacramento News & Review, but even there I sometimes miss things.

Bicycle advocates chalk up successes of Bike Month (2012-05-17 SacBee)

Dutchman completes an emotional win (2012-05-21 SacBee)

Pedestrian hit while crossing Arden Arcade street dies of injuries (2012-05-17 SacBee)

Viewpoints: Not just about highways (2012-05-20 SacBee)

Registration Opens for Annual ‘Rex Ride’ (2012-05-18 SacBee)

City might relax business parking requirements (2012-05-18 Sacramento Business Journal)

Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen Preparing Fourth Annual Scavenger Hunt (2012-05-15 Sacramento Press)

Minivan hits girl on bike in Antelope area (2012-05-14 News 10)

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