Sacramento firm racking up sales in bike docks (SacBee 2012-06-08) A Better Shop Class, Bicycle Times, Volume 017, May 2012 (not available online, you must look at the print or iPad edition): a short article about the bike repair program at Met Sacramento, a local high school Sacramento buses flash their location via the web […]

Three Strikes Bill Would Terminate Licenses of Serial Dangerous Drivers (Streetsblog 2012-05-30) Congress raises a middle finger to young bicyclists¬†(Grist 2012-05-24) Sacramento bike parking experiment will continue for 3 weeks (SacBee 2012-05-30) Bike Friendly? (Sac News & Review 2012-05-31) Drive throughs drive up profits for more companies (USA today 2012-05-21; included here because it references […]

Rider writes about Sacramento light-rail adventures¬†(2012-05-22 SacBee) Viewpoints: Bright future for rail yard (2012-05-27 SacBee) National Coalition For Safer Roads Releases First-Ever Report Revealing Red-Light Running Data And Trends Across The U.S. (2012-05-25 SacBee) Follow the rules of the road and stay safe when you’re on a bike (2012-05-23 SacBee)

The Streetsblog family of blogs (NYC, LA, SF, and Capitol Hill) has Daily News posts, and for the NYC, The Weekly Carnage. I find these useful for picking up interesting information I’d otherwise miss. Though I probably only average one click per list, it is still useful. Maybe this would be useful for Sacramento. Please […]