This is a follow-on the the Stockton Blvd Corridor Study post. Trees Following the online virtual open house, I realized I could not picture the situation on some segments of Stockton. Though I’ve traveled Stockton many times, I had not in a while, so I went back. I had commented during the open house, as […]

The City of Sacramento recently release a new 311 app. I have been using this app (iOS version), mostly to report issues with construction signing. The app is broken! What are the issues? If you switch away from the app to some other app, the app logs you out, and you have to log in […]

I saw a cool graphic of the flow of JUMP bike share bikes in San Francisco, and thought is would be interesting to do the same for Sacramento. The effect is not so dramatic, but it is interesting. I have zeroed in on the central city, which of course only tells part of the story, […]

The Breeze Bike Share in Santa Monica uses the same Social Bicycles (SoBi) bikes that the Tower Bridge Preview in Sacramento does. On a recent four day visit to Santa Monica, I used the system quite a bit, both for transportation and to compare systems. Here is my take: Breeze Bike Share is operated by […]

Strong Towns had a post yesterday “Why greenspace is different from a park” that got me thinking about parks and green spaces in Sacramento. As a commenter said, it is the quality and use of the land, and the relationship to space around it, that is most important, not the park or greenspace binary.  Two […]

I have a subscription to the SacBee online, which is what I use to gather and post the news summary items. I just clicked on an article of interest, which opened up an advertisement for a game app. That in itself is not unusual, but the ad in turn opened the Apple App Store to […]

Reimagine a K Street pedestrian mall (SacBee 2017-02-05) Storms, equipment failures contribute to mounting delays on Capitol Corridor trains (SacBee 2017-02-03) At Sacramento Regional Transit, the glass is half-full, but so is the rain bucket (SacBee 2017-01-30) Soapbox: California’s transportation funding package must do more for public transit (SacBee 2017-01-30) Back=Seat Driver: Heavy rains sprout potholes; here’s where to […]

Transit agency launches ‘how to’ website for arena light-rail riders (SacBee 2016-09-09) McKinley Village set for big ‘reveal’ this weekend (SacBee 2016-09-09) Bait bike arrest downtown marks 41st such case of the year (SacBee 2016-09-06) Back-Seat Driver: City creates new entrance to Old Sacramento (SacBee 2016-09-05)

Sacramento has nearly completed a reconstructed bridge over I-5 between 3rd Street and Tower Bridge. This is part of a project to provide access from and to Old Sacramento, but that part is not complete yet. The pavement is fresh, with bright white lines and green carpet bike lanes. But, the bike lane design is […]

New phone app lets you snag a parking spot near new Sacramento arena (SacBee 2016-07-08) Back-Seat Driver: Is Sacramento ready to solve its bike vs. pedestrian sidewalk fight? (SacBee 2016-07-10)