News summary March 31

Will Sacramento’s downtown grow in the whales’ wake? (SacBee 2013-03-31)

Pedestrian killed crossing Auburn Blvd. is identified (SacBee 2013-03-30)

The $250 Million Challenge: Downtown Streetcar Corridor (Sacramento Press, 2013-03-29); Opinion: What else could $250M buy us? (Sacramento Press, 2013-03-27)

Northwest Land Park Demonstrates Home of the Future (Sacramento Press, 2013-03-28); Northwest Land Park infill will feature green homes (Sacramento Business Journal, 2013-03-29); remember that the biggest carbon impact of a house is how the residents get around, not the house itself

After bypass, what now for Lincoln Boulevard? (Sacramento Business Journal, 2013-03-29); why is this part of the planning following the bypass, rather than having been part of planning from the beginning?

California to again crack down on distracted driving (SacBee 2013-03-27)

Arena Plan Puts the “King” in Parking (Sacramento Press, 2013-03-26)

Highway 99 interchange work to begin in May (Sacramento Business Journal, 2013-03-25); $31M to spur development in a greenfield area? What else could we be doing with this money?

New I-5 interchange may be start of first big housing project in years (Sacramento Business Journal, 2013-03-22); At least this $83M is private money, but it is still greenfield development.

And just to prove that I’m not against all development, here are two infill projects that make sense to me:

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