wrap-up of changing downtown/midtown

Nine posts (linked below) have outlined my thoughts about how to create a livable, walkable, bikeable and safe downtown/midtown Sacramento. These have been nearly all from a transportation perspective, how we change the way people get around. Though I will continue to post on these topics, I want to wrap up for the moment. I need to pay attention to some other things, and I need to finish my taxes!

Livability is not created merely by transportation changes – it takes a lot more than that. But it does provide fertile ground for the changes that are needed. I am pleased to know of and be a small part of efforts to transform downtown/midtown. I attended CivicMeet Sacramento on Wednesday, where the participant selected topics were save the bikes (bike theft), rooftop utilization, fresh fruit and veggies downtown, and human capital clearinghouse. I attended the Turn Downtown Around open forum two weeks ago. Good energy from (mostly) young people, directed towards creative solutions to making downtown/midtown a vibrant place. I’m sure there are many others working towards the same ends (many ends). It is sad that the city government is trailing, slowly, rather than leading, but it also an opportunity for creatives to step in and fill the gap.

Let me acknowledge that transportation is only a small part of the big picture, but I write about it because it is my small part.

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