leaving Twitter?

I have been using a Twitter connection to announce my blog posts on my Twitter feed (@GetAroundSac). I’ve removed that connection. I’ve added a subscribe button prominently on each page, just below the categories drop-down.

I’ve been a pretty active Twitter user. Though I don’t think of myself as addicted, I certain spend a lot of time there. But a lot of the people I follow have either left Twitter or are using it much less. I notice less and less local (Sacramento region) tweets. Some of the users I follow have taken to retweeting everything they see, which is clogging my Twitter feed with items that I already see, or am not interested in. This may be a desperation move as their own followers drop away. So I’m getting bored with Twitter.

Of course as nearly everyone does, I question whether I should even be on Twitter, that social media platform owned by one of my least favorite people in the world. Some days it seems like Twitter is working OK, but then he makes a nonsensical change that makes everything less useful. His management is pretty clearly oriented towards amplifying right wing voices. I’m guessing he wants to be the first person to accomplish throwing $44 billion in the toilet (that’s what he paid for it, but his own valuation is now $20 billion, and falling).

So, I haven’t left Twitter. Yet. But am thinking about leaving more and more.

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