ATP6 applications in SACOG region

Applications made for Active Transportation Program cycle 6 from counties and cities within the SACOG Region. So far as I know, no other details about these projects are available yet. The application period for the state-level program just closed. pdf version

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NoCountyApplication NumberImplementing Agency NameProject Name
260El Dorado3-El Dorado County-1El Dorado CountyPonderosa Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements
294El Dorado3-El Dorado County-2El Dorado CountyEl Dorado Trail / Missouri Flat Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing
254El Dorado3-El Dorado County-3El Dorado CountySouth Tahoe Greenway-Upper Truckee River Bridge at Johnson Meadow
253El Dorado3-El Dorado County-4El Dorado CountyMeyers Bikeway Connector – Pioneer Trail to Elks Club Project
303El Dorado3-El Dorado County-5El Dorado CountyFallen Leaf Road Recreational Access Project
290El Dorado3-Placerville, City of-1Placerville, City ofPlacerville Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Phase 1
226Placer3-Placer County Nonurbanized Area-3Placer County Nonurbanized AreaNorth Tahoe Regional Multi-Use Trail – Segment 1
38Placer3-Placer County-1Placer CountySR 89 / Fanny Bridge Community Revitalization Project Complete Streets
56Placer3-Placer County-2Placer CountyKings Beach Western Approach Project
98Placer3-Rocklin, City of-1Rocklin, City ofRocklin Road Sierra College Corridor Multimodal Enhancements
40Placer3-Roseville, City of-1Roseville, City ofDry Creek Greenway East Multi-Use Trail, Phase 2
139Sacramento3-Sacramento County-1Sacramento CountyElkhorn Boulevard Complete Streets Project
265Sacramento3-Sacramento County-2Sacramento CountyBell Street Safe Routes to School
208Sacramento3-Sacramento County-3Sacramento CountyStockton Blvd Complete Streets Project
417Sacramento3-Sacramento, City of-1Sacramento, City ofFranklin Boulevard Complete Street – Phase 3
221Sacramento3-Sacramento, City of-2Sacramento, City ofEnvision Broadway in Oak Park
218Sacramento3-Citrus Heights, City of-1Citrus Heights, City ofOld Auburn Road Complete Streets – Phase 1
93Sacramento3-Citrus Heights, City of-2Citrus Heights, City ofCarriage/Lauppe Safe Routes to School Project
319Sacramento3-Elk Grove, City of-1Elk Grove, City ofLaguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail SR 99 Overcrossing and Gap Closure
295Sacramento3-Folsom, City of-3Folsom, City ofHistoric District Connectivity Project
413Sacramento3-Folsom, City of-1Folsom, City ofFolsom-Placerville Rail Trail Gap Closure Project
204Sacramento3-Rancho Cordova, City of-1Rancho Cordova, City ofZinfandel Drive Bicycle and Pedestrian Overcrossing
249Yolo3-Yolo County-1Yolo CountyCounty Road 98 Bike & Safety Improvement Project Phase II
219Yolo3-West Sacramento, City of-1West Sacramento, City ofI Street Bridge Deck Conversion for Active Transportation Project
26.Yolo3-Winters, City of-1Winters, City ofWinters/El Rio Villas Active Transportation Connection: SR-128/I-505 Over-cross
42.Yolo3-Woodland, City of-1Woodland, City ofWoodland Safe Routes to School & ATP Connectivity Project
195Yuba3-Yuba County-1Yuba CountyWest Linda Comprehensive Safe Routes to School Project
202Yuba3-Yuba County-2Yuba CountyOlivehurst Comprehensive Safe Routes to School Project
231Yuba3-Yuba County-3Yuba CountyEast Linda Comprehensive Safe Routes to School Project
150Yuba3-Yuba City, City of-1Yuba City, City ofYuba City Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Improvements
272Yuba3-Yuba City, City of-2Yuba City, City ofYuba City Abandoned Railroad Corridor Conversion Project

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