more on JUMP Sac

Chris sent me a capture of the map from the JUMP app for Sacramento, which reminded me that a picture is worth a thousand words. At this scale, the bikes and hubs are just dots, but zooming in reveals that of the 39 hubs on the east side of the river, three have one bike, one has three bikes, and all the others are empty. There are only eight bikes out of hubs, for a total of 14 bikes. That’s it! There may be a few bikes in motion, but Sunday evenings in Sacramento are pretty slow, so there would not be many.

Here is another perspective. This morning I captured the list of bikes available from where I was staying in the Tenderloin. Keep in mind that the Tenderloin is the least bike-rich area urban San Francisco, but there was a bike 0.4 miles away, with nearly a full charge, and nine bikes within 0.6 miles, only one of which was low on charge.

Sacramento? These was captured this evening (Sunday about 9:00PM). There is not a single bike at any hub within 0.8 miles of where I live. And I live in the central city. On the second page of locations, there are six bikes, 0.9 to 1.2 miles away, but only one of them has an acceptable charge.


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