Bike share…

I can’t believe that governments are allowing and even encouraging use of these for transportation, without regard to local communities and the damages they suffer. Problems include:

  • parking in inappropriate places
  • parking for free with no regard for other people’s use of the public domain
  • blocking pedestrian right-of-way
  • terrorizing pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • leaving them in yards where they are an unsightly mess
  • abandoning them to collect dust and spider webs
  • they routinely get vandalized and stolen
  • lazy people use them for ridiculously short trips
  • there are far, far more of them than can be justified by the number of users
  • the environmental impacts of production and end-of-life cycle are being ignored
  • huge corporations with deep pockets, particularly from the Far East, are largely responsible for this mess
  • they are completely out of reach for many low-income people
  • a clear sign of rich people invading historic neighborhoods – gentrification!

No, no bike share, cars!

Yes, snark. These are all criticisms that that being routinely made of bike share systems, with no apparent sense of irony.

One thought on “Bike share…

  1. Another common complaint: bikes, bike racks, and bike docks detract from the character of historic districts. As though cars and parking signs and parking meters don’t?


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