News summary 2017-06-11

Sac State breaks ground on new parking structure (SacBee 2017-06-09); just what every university needs, more spaces for cars and less money for students
Sacramento transit officials have been watching you. Now they want to talk (SacBee 2017-06-09)
If you don’t like California’s gas tax increase, you’re not alone (SacBee 2017-06-09); Shocker! People are opposed to paying for what they formerly got for free!
10,000 new homes are coming to ‘desirable’ part of the Sacramento region (SacBee 2017-06-08)
This program turns scavenged bikes into new rides for kids – with one inmate’s help (SacBee 2016-06-08)
These 15 downtown properties will pay the highest taxes for a streetcar line (SacBee 2017-06-07)

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