News summary 2015-05-14

In the time I’ve been creating these weekly news summaries, I have been linking to articles about bicyclist and pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries. I’m going to stop doing so. The real carnage that happens on our roadways involves motor vehicles. Research indicates that the motor vehicle crash rates per mile and per trip are actually much higher than for bicyclists and pedestrians, though it is also true that crashes often have higher consequences for bicyclists and pedestrians. Linking to bicyclist and pedestrian involved crashes while not covering motor vehicle crashes (with other vehicles and with fixed objects) gives the impression that bicycling and walking are dangerous, which discourages people from those modes of transportation. It is also true that only some crashes show up in the Sacramento Bee and on the local media, when the crash is spectacular, is a hit-and-run, or occurs on a slow news day. So the links never accurately represented what was going on out on the roadways. I will continue to cover transportation and development issues.

I am also staring into my summer vacation, some of which will be in wilderness far from Internet access, so the posts this summer will be erratic until August.



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