SacRT smoke free!

SacRT no smoking sign
SacRT no smoking sign

The SacRT system is going smoke free! The newly announced policy applies to all bus stops and light rail stations, though signing and enforcement is being phased in, with the busiest light rail stations (13th Street, 16th Street, 29th Street, Meadowview, Arden/Del Paso and Watt/I-80) already in effect. The fine for violation is $250.

I look forward to not having to wait for transit in a cloud of smoke and standing in a pile of butts. There are a lot of disgusting habits that adhere to the light rail stations, and this is one step towards eliminating these and making the system more user friendly and healthier. I suspect there will be less trash discarded on the ground around the stations, since trash generates trash, and butts are the trash that starts the cycle.

This new policy is the result of the work of The SOL Project, a local nonprofit that works to reduce exposure to second-hand smoke. Thank you!

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