Lights at Arden-Del Paso, not

I was at the Arden – Del Paso light rail station this evening after seeing a play at Big Idea Theatre, waiting for the last Blue line train back downtown, and in walking around noticed a big problem with lights. Of the lights at the station, 40% were out. But there is a thicket of video cameras, more than ten. It seems strange to me that RT spent a considerably amount of money on video cameras, presumably to enhance security, but doesn’t spend money on replacing light bulbs, which would have a far more beneficial affect on security. Or, if the light standards need repair, then repairing them.

The Arden – Del Paso station is quite busy during the day, serving as a secondary transit hub with five bus routes as well as light rail. But it does not have the schedule messaging boards that many less busy stations have. With 40% of the lights out, none of the schedule boards can be read at night, so not only is there no indication of the time, there is no information available about the length of wait for the next train.

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