News summary February 3

Several Sacramento-area localities seek 4-year colleges (SacBee 2013-02-03)

Jack Ohman: Future Cordova Hills developer projects (SacBee 2013-02-02)

Hit-and-run driver kills two on Meadowview street (SacBee 2013-02-01)

Roseville building a ‘town square’ as downtown destination (Sacramento Business Journal 2013-01-31)

Cordova Hills, SB 375, and the Inertia of Sprawl (Climate Plan blog 2013-02-01)

Sacramento-region counties will see strong population growth (Sacramento Business Journal 2013-01-31); California growth boom out of steam (SacBee 2013-01-31); it is interesting that both of these articles are based on the same data, but put a different spin on what it says; regardless, will growth be sprawl or density?

Cordova Hills & Suburban Living (Sacramento Press 2013-01-30); I’m not sure what to even say about this article full of suburban nostalgia and privilege, but it is worth a read

Sacramento County supervisors approve Cordova Hills development (SacBee 2013-01-29)

Pedestrian dies after hit by vehicle on Fair Oaks Boulevard (SacBee 2013-01-28)

Alert police officer arrests suspect in week-old crime [hit-and-run] (SacBee 2013-01-28)

Regional Transit is planning light rail to Sacramento airport (SacBee 2013-01-28)

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