Man Hit and Killed by Light Rail Train (Fox 40, 2013-01-27)

Report: Cordova Hills may put Sacramento County transportation funds at risk (SacBee 2012-01-24)

Letter: Have kids walk to school (SacBee 2013-01-23)

Dan Walters: Will drivers pay more for California highways? (SacBee 2013-01-22)

50 Bikes for 50 Kids gets smiles rolling in Natomas (SacBee 2013-01-22)

Try buses before light rail to airport (SacBee 2013-01-20); there was another letter in the paper on 2013-01-24 that is not online on this time; the beginning of this thread is in the previous week’s news summary

Pedestrian stuck by vehicle in downtown (KCRA 2013-01-17)

UPDATE: $1M savings by closing Midtown school (Sacramento Press 2013-01-16). Yet again the Sacramento Press has more thoughtful, personal, and intelligent comments than the Sacramento Bee, and though I normally caution people to avoid online comments like the plague, I’d recommend you read the ones following this article. Though some negators and trolls are present, remarkably few!

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Dan Allison is a Safe Routes to School Coordinator in the Sacramento area. Dan dances and backpacks, as much as possible.