News summary January 21

DUI woman hits pedestrian in Midtown’s entertainment district (Sacramento Press 2013-01-21)

Stuart Leavenworth: Will county be duped by college bait? (SacBee 2013-01-20)

Citrus Heights boy hit by suspected impaired driver dies 3 months later (SacBee 2013-01-17)

Sacramento’s Township Nine starts with 180 apartments, light rail station (SacBee 2012-01-17); Township Nine project in downtown Sacramento finally launches (SacBee 2013-01-16)

Editorial: Region needs more options for transit to airport (SacBee 2013-01-14); Letter: Where are free hotel shuttles to airport?; Letter: Where are free hotel shuttles to the airport?; Letter: Include bus pass with every airplane ticket; Letter: Lack of transit options to the airport is due to parking revenue

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