News summary January 13

High-speed train is a Field of Dreams (SacBee 2012-01-12; this was on the Opinion page, but doesn’t seem to have made it to the website; I’d ignore it but there is a delicious irony in use of “field of dreams” – did McCarthy and Denham not watch the movie, or did they take some strange message from it that no one else did?)

Man accused in fatal DUI in Carmichael pleads not guilty (SacBee 2013-01-11)

Viewpoints: Proposed college in Cordova Hills shows valid vision for the future (SacBee 2013-01-11)

Letter: Elk Grove needs light rail (SacBee 2013-01-09)

City considers approving I-5 interchange (Sacramento Business Journal 2013-01-08)

Sacramento light rail expands with a lift from FTA (Fast Lane blog 2013-01-07)

$135 million federal grant keeps Sacramento region’s rail expansion rolling (SacBee 2013-01-08)

Letter: Cordova Hills development is much needed (SacBee 2013-01-04); letter: Cordova Hills is not needed (SacBee 2013-01-09); Letter: Cordova Hills is needed (SacBee 2013-01-09)

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