Walkable City book club next

The informal Walkable City book club had a good discussion on Wednesday evening. There were only four of us, but we filled up the time with thoughts and questions about parking in the city.

To the question of what is the next action that could be taken, answers were:

  • create red curb offsets at every intersection, reducing parking by one space or so, to increase visibility between walkers, bicyclists and drivers
  • change parking rates so that garages are utilized more, getting cars off street parking
  • adjust the hours and areas of metered parking so as to cover evenings and ensure parking turnover even after the workday

The next book club meeting will be Wednesday, June 14, 6:00PM, at Lefty’s Taproom, 5610 Elvas Ave, Sacramento, CA 95819. The patio area has some shade umbrellas and misters to cool us off. And cold beer, of course.

Discussion will be on Step 4: Let Transit Work (page 139 in the second edition). We hope you will join us!

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