Parking fees by size and weight

As the perfect follow-on to my post yesterday about Parking reform for Sacramento, an post today on Streetsblog USA: Here’s a Big Idea: The Larger the Car, the More You Pay to Park the Damn Thing, about a neighborhood in Montreal charging for residential parking permits by the weight and and fuel source of the vehicles. The program is intended to not just get people into small vehicles, or cleaner vehicles, or no vehicles, but to get people to think about the impact on climate and safety of their choice of vehicle. So, I’ve added that idea to my list.

The graphic below actually does not really show the huge difference between older light trucks, or SUVs, but it is a good graphic to start with.

Source: Will Chase/Axios;

3 thoughts on “Parking fees by size and weight

  1. This is a great idea. The amount of people with oversized vehicles in the central city, who do NOT need them for work, is absolutely insane and dangerous


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