SacCity signal management

Part of an ongoing series of posts to support better streets in the City of Sacramento during their 2023 update of Street Design Standards. New standards must be innovative, safe, and equitable, and it will take strong citizen involvement and advocacy to make them so.

  • Signal cycles will be the shortest timing consistent with ample time for walkers to cross
  • Shorter crossing distances and therefore shorter signal cycles can be created via lane reductions and curb extensions 
  • Signalized intersections will be evaluated for signal elimination and conversion to stop-controlled intersections
  • Leading pedestrian intervals (LPI) will be installed at all signalized intersections with pedestrian signals; LPIs will be a minimum of three seconds, longer in high pedestrian crossing areas
  • All pedestrian activation buttons will be removed, or will be converted to audible-only signal activation. Temporary signing will be installed when a button has been deactivated but not yet removed.

I earlier posted on too many traffic signals? in the central city, which should be eliminated in favor of stop controlled or yield controlled intersections.

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