credit for bike returns, someday

JUMP just implemented in San Francisco a credit for returning low battery bikes to ‘drop zones’. At the moment, the only drop zone in San Francisco is the Bluxome Street warehouse which I wrote about In SF. So far, there are no drop zones in Sacramento at all, though if the San Francisco pattern holds, the first would be at the JUMP distribution warehouse (no, I don’t know where it is – anyone else know?). The SoBi warehouse was near the 65th St light rail station, but I don’t know whether JUMP is there or someplace else. I had heard it was going to be in West Sacramento.

On my JUMP app, bikes are appearing with the $ bike icon. I don’t know if that is true of other people’s apps, I may have something that not everyone else has because I’m a member of both San Francisco and Sacramento systems, or because I’m an early adopter and frequent user. Anyone else?

If I tap on this icon, it offers a credit for returning the low battery bike to a drop zone, however, this is false for Sacramento; there is no drop zone and there is no credit. I’ve reported it to JUMP support and I presume they will fix it.

So, when will this come to pass in Sacramento? I don’t know, but I’ll let you know when I do.


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