AB-148 signed

Governor Brown signed AB-184: Statute of limitations (Gatto), which extends the statue of limitations for hit-and-run to make it similar to other crimes.

With this signing, all the bills that I was tracking have been resolved: signed, vetoed, or deferred. Tracked bills which passed were: AB-184, AB-206, AB-417, AB-1371, and SB-99.

SB-99, a budget bill which I was not tracking, included aspects of AB-1194, with a lower but guaranteed minimum for Safe Routes to School, and had a higher alternative transportation allocation than was expected.

SB-743 was a gut and amend bill that addressed the Sacramento arena and CEQA, and included elimination of level of service as the primary consideration in urban infill projects, which might in the long run be the most significant change of all.

AB-1290 did not pass, but the overall pass ratio was really great.

Of course many bills did not make it out of their house of origin or did not pass both houses, and they may be considered in the next session, or may be dropped.

More information is on my legislation page.

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