Sacramento Tweed Ride, December 4

The Sacramento Tweed group is hosting the annual Tweed Ride on Saturday, December 4, starting at 12:00 noon. The ride is “Winter Wonderland Ride and Picnic”. It meets at WAL Public Market at 1104 R St, at 11:30AM, and rolls about at noon. It is a ‘bring your own picnic’ event. The picnic occurs in a local park. There is sometimes an unofficial after-event visit to a drinking establishment.

There were a number of tweed riders on the SABA Mural ride on Sunday, distributing handbills and encouraging local bicyclists to join. Period clothing is appreciated and celebrated (roughly 1902-1920), but certainly not required. Period bicycles are also appreciated and celebrated, but certainly not required. Come as you are!

The handbill flier is below, and the event is on Facebook at Sacramento Tweed Ride 2.0,

And a photo from the 2014 Sacramento Tweed Ride picnic.

BikeParty and Tweed Ride

The first weekend in April is shaping up to be great fun for people like me who love themed slow rides.

SacBikeParty_EL-roseFriday, April 5th will be the next edition of BikeParty Sacramento, somewhere in the Land Park neighborhood. I participated in the March ride, whose theme was Massive Mural March, and it was a hoot. Many people came with highly decorated bikes, twinkly and sparkly and flashy, with fuzzy stuffed animals and fuzzy wild clothing. The murals scattered through midtown, some of which I’d seen before and many of which I had not, were entertainment enough, but the people themselves and their bikes were even better entertainment. Electroluminescent (EL) wired was common. EL is popular with the Burning Man crowd, and it is so cool, I just have to get some of my own. The photo is an EL rose designed and built freehand by the owner (whose name I’ve forgotten). The event is coordinated by Conrad, who rides and designs crazy art bikes.

SacramentoTweed_2013-04-06Saturday, April 6th will be the Tweed Ride, starting at Fremont Community Garden in midtown. Last year after a successful run, Rick Houston retired from sponsorship of the Sacramento Tweed rides, but Brian and Sarah have taken on the mantle are continuing under Sacramento Tweed Ride 2.0 (Facebook) and Sacramento Tweed (blog). Some people come dressed to the nines in 1920’s fashion, with tweed prominent, some people come with vintage bikes older than almost any of us, some people come with both, and many people come just because it’s fun and they want to find out more about it. For the last ride I went on, I rode my Brompton, which is not truly vintage but has a vintage British flavor, and wore my Victorian clothing, which is quite pre-1920’s, and was accepted in just fine. I hope to have some real tweed by the next ride.

These themed slow rides are a great way to socialize with the non-spandex crowd. They often include stops for coffee or beer or chocolate, and visit interesting places that you might not otherwise know about. Though I have an innate reluctance to ride in groups, as they introduce hazards that don’t exist for individual riders, these rides are so fun and such a positive experience that I’m willing to overcome my reluctance. The pace is such that anyone can keep up, on any kind of bike.

Unfortunately, the first weekend in April I am in the bay area for the Epicenter contra dance weekend in Mill Valley, and so will miss both rides. Hope you don’t miss them!

My photos on Flickr from BikeParty Sacramento and Sac Tweed Ride.