Todd Litman recently gave a talk at Transit 101 presentation hosted by 350Sacramento and others. There were some comments afterwards questioning some of what he had to say and his premises. One of these was “He also ignores that the type of concentration he is advocating significantly¬†increases the cost of housing.” Litman did present densification […]

AbogoA reference to the Abogo calculator from the Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) in Kaid Benfield’s post today sent me there. Abogo is based on CNT’s¬†Housing + Transportation Affordability Index, which I was familiar with, so I’m surprised I’d not noticed Abogo, but now I have.

At right is the calculator result for where I live. Hard to read the legend, but the dark green is less than $1000 per month. Of course I spend a good deal less, $100 for a transit pass plus about $20 a month for bicycle maintenance, but the numbers seem reasonable for others who live in downtown/midtown.

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