West Sacramento gets affordable housing grant

The City of West Sacramento received a grant in the first round of the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (AHSC) program. This is the housing leg of the cap-and-trade program, announced yesterday by the Strategic Growth Council, complementing the transportation leg that got SacRT a grant for light rail car refurbishment.

  • Project Name: Delta Lane Affordable Housing and Grand Gateway Transportation Infrastructure Project
  • Project Sponsor: City of West Sacramento
  • Project Type: ICP; Disadvantaged Community? YES
  • Total Award: $6,730,888
  • Project Description: The Delta Lane Affordable Housing Project is a mixed-use development including 77 residential units and retail. The project will also provide transportation improvements in the Grand Gateway and Washington transit-oriented development/infill development districts. The project will greatly improve walkability and bikeability opportunities that are currently lacking and offer connectivity to the two surrounding disadvantaged communities. The project will also be connected to the nearby city transit hub and the major employment centers of CalSTRS, the California Department of General Services, and downtown Sacramento.

SacRT gets grant for light rail car refurbishment

In the recently announced round of grants under the CalSTA Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program, SacRT received funding to refurbish the remainder of light rail vehicles from San Jose. The money is from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund using proceeds from the state’s cap-and-trade auctions. The statewide total was $224M.

7. Sacramento Regional Transit District (RT) – Refurbishment of Seven Light Rail Vehicles
Award: $6,427,000
Refurbishment of the last 7 of 21 vehicles acquired from Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority in order to support 15 min peak hour service frequencies throughout the RT light rail system and enable future limited stop service on the RT Gold and Blue Lines during the next 15 years. The project will result in increased ridership, eliminate impacts from the overhaul program needed on the rest of RT’s fleet, and connect residents in disadvantaged communities to jobs. Improved service on the system also increases the attractiveness of connectivity to Amtrak services and future High Speed Rail service at the Sacramento Intermodal Facility.

Transportation Choices Summit

Bromptons at the summit, including Cynthia Rose of Santa Monica Spoke
Bromptons at the summit, including Cynthia Rose of Santa Monica Spoke

Yesterday I attended the Transportation Choices Summit, sponsored by TransForm, at the Sacramento Library Tsakopoulos Galleria. The purpose of the summit was to bring together advocates and others in the areas of transportation, health, and housing. Speakers were Brian Kelly, Acting Secretary, CA Business, Transportation & Housing Agency, Mary Nichols, Chair, California Air Resources Board, and James Corless, Director, Transportation for America. There were plenary panels on Building California’s Future, and Cap & Trade Auction Revenues to Support Sustainable Communities. Breakout sessions were held on a variety of issues.

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