Bike Corral on L Street

bike corral, L Street, between 19th and 19th
bike corral, L Street, between 19th and 19th

There is a new bike corral in Sacramento, on the north side of L Street between 19th and 18th, in front of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates. This is one of the two bike corral locations set in the city’s bike corral program (linked below) Phase II effort, with the other being some racks in a large area set aside to calm traffic at the intersection of N Street and Folsom Blvd. Phase I includes the two corrals at Insight Coffee on 8th Street, and Pangaea Two Brews on Franklin Blvd.

This corral, and the two Phase I corrals use the Park-a-Bike Varsity rack, which is becoming somewhat of a standard in the Sacramento region. The N Street corral uses more traditional but effective U-racks.

Please stop by these locations and visit the businesses which have requested the corrals!

Six more locations were tentatively identified but have not been officially selected yet.

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Approve Bike Corral Program Guidelines and Initial Installation (City of Sacramento 2014-02-25)

bike corral overflow

bike corral and overload at Insight Coffee
bike corral and overload at Insight Coffee

The bike parking corral at Insight Coffee on 8th Street is a great service to customers, but on nice days like we have been having, it is far too little. On Sunday morning, there were almost three times the bicycles parked around Insight Coffee as the 10-space bike corral could handle. There were bikes locked to parking meters and sign posts on both sides of the streets, and some bicycles simply unlocked for lack of a place.

We need more bike parking! Most customers are arriving by bike, few by car, at least when the weather is nice. It is a little hard to judge the number of customers by car on Sunday in this neighborhood, because car parking is filled with churchgoers for the churches to the south, and customers cannot park close to the business, but while sitting and watching for over an hour I saw only a few customers who seemed to be arriving by car. In contrast, there was a continuous turnover in the bicyclists, representing more than fifty customers in just an hour. And a lot of people arrived on foot, walking in from the neighborhood.

I am not being critical of Insight Coffee. They deserve praise for welcoming the Park-A-Bike demonstration bike corral, and for keeping it. I am pointing out that we have too little bike parking and too much car parking in downtown/midtown. Customers are coming by bike!

The other bike corral is at Pangaea Two Brews on Franklin.